Costa Rica - Los Cedros
Costa Rica - Los Cedros

Costa Rica - Los Cedros

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Weight: 250g

Roasting Profile: medium to dark

Tasting notes: Nutmeg, Brown sugar, Toffee with full body

Costa Rica ticks all the boxes when it comes to making a perfect coffee, from an ideal climate to coffee producers that are obsessed with their craft there is a reason This small central American Country punches above its weight in the global coffee scene!

This Beautiful Bean From the Los Cedros farm is an absolute gem with a full body and subtle acidity combined with a sweet aftertaste you can tell this coffee has soaked up all the famous volcanic soil of Central America has to offer.

From the moment you open the bag to your last drop of coffee you wont be disappointed, for all the coffee nuts out there with a bit of experimentation you will be able to get the perfect cuppa out of these delicious beans, it can be enjoyed as both a filter or espresso coffee.