Guatemala - La Joya
Guatemala - La Joya

Guatemala - La Joya

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Weight: 250g

Roasting Profile: medium to dark

Tasting notes:  Nutmeg, Vanilla and Citrus Fruits

For such a small region Guatemala produces so many different types of coffee, from the complex processing methods employed by the farmers to the micro climates between the mountain ranges of the country. It is believed that there is over 300 micro climates in the country meaning that no two Guatemalan coffees are the same. 

We are delighted to take stock of this new origin, straight from Guatemala's last harvest you cant get any fresher! 

La Joya or "The Jewel" because this coffee is a little treasure. 

This coffee combines an initial zesty citrus taste and a smooth body with an aftertaste of sweet subtle acidity to make for a delicious cup of coffee. 

Creating the perfect espresso with this coffee is not too difficult, while I personally enjoy it in a French press with a drop of milk it lends itself to nearly all processing methods.