Peru Decaf
Peru Decaf

Peru Decaf

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Roasting Profile: Medium to dark

Tasting Notes: Orange, toffee apple, caramel with smooth finish

The process for decaffeinating this coffee is a very unique one and is new to us here!

The process is as follows:

The decaffeination process begins by cleaning and moistening the green beans in a "pre-treatment" vessel before bringing them into contact with pressurised liquid carbon dioxide.

When the green coffee beans absorb the water, they expand, and the pores open, allowing the caffeine molecules to become mobile. The carbon dioxide, acting like a magnet, draws out the mobile caffeine molecules. The sparkling water then enters an evaporator that precipitates the caffeine-rich carbon dioxide out of the water.

The now caffeine-free water is pumped back into the vessel for a new cycle. This cycle is repeated until the required residual caffeine level is achieved. Once this happens, the circulation of carbon dioxide is stopped, and the green beans are discharged into a drier.

The decaffeinated coffee is then gently dried until it reaches its original moisture content, after which it is ready for roasting.